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Declan Marmion

Welcome to Undergraduate Studies at Maynooth. Studying an Undergraduate course at Maynooth can be an exciting experience. Learn more about our the full-time programmes: MU001 (Theology & Arts) or MU002 (Theology). We are looking forward to seeing you. There is much to enjoy in the Maynooth Experience.

Rev. Prof Declan Marmion. Dean of the Faculty of Theology.

How to Apply?

Interested in applying for our courses? Read More in our Step-by-Step Guide to our application process. Find out all the information you need here. If you have question, you can email us at admissions@spcm.ie or call on +353 (1) 7084772

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How to qualify for a course:

Students must normally have attained the age of seventeen years by 15th January following entry to the university. Where a candidate below that age seeks to enter the University, special application must be made to the University President, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Applicants under 23 on 1st January of the year of proposed entry must meet matriculation requirements as follows (see further down for GCE/GCSE matriculation requirements):

  • Leaving Certificate with a minimum of two recognised subjects at Higher Level Grade H7 and four at Ordinary or Higher Level Grade O6/H7.
  • Matriculation subjects: Irish, English and another language.
  • The subject Mathematics (Leaving Certificate Foundation level) will be accepted for matriculation purposes, but points will not be awarded for it.
  • The subject Gaeilge – Bonnleibhéal (Irish – Foundation Level) will not be accepted for matriculation or points purposes.

Please note that there may be other course requirements, depending on the Arts subjects chosen in relation to the Theology and Arts degree (MU001). See page 10 of our 2018 Prospectus, under “Arts Subject Combinations”:


The following arrangements will apply to the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) Link Modules:

  • points will be awarded as follows: 70 points for a distinction, 50 points for a merit, and 30 points for a pass.
  • applicants will have the opportunity to use their points allocation for the Link Modules as one of their six subjects for the purposes of calculating points.
  • the Link Modules will not qualify as a subject for matriculation purposes.

Applicants who satisfy the above requirements are placed in order of merit on the basis of the common points system, and places are allocated according to the highest preference, in their application through CAO, to which their points entitle them.

After the close of the CAO season (mid-October) first year students registered on one of our undergraduate degree programmes may apply for an internal transfer.

Applicants must:

  • complete an application form outlining the reason for the request.
  • meet the entry requirements for the course.
  • have the required points.

Application forms are available from the Admissions/Theology Office. 

There is no guarantee that a request for a transfer will be granted.

GCE/GCSE Matriculation Requirements.

To matriculate an applicant must obtain:

  • Passes in six recognised subjects at GCSE (Grade A, B, or C) or AS Level (Grades A-E) or A-level (Grades A-E)


Grade C or better in two subjects at A-level (AE or BD is regarded as equivalent to two Grade C’s for this purpose). In all cases, applicants require at least GCSE Grade C in English. In addition, passes in Irish and a third language at GCSE/AS Level/A-Level are required. However, eligibility for exemption from Irish may be claimed from:

The Registrar, National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Telephone: 00353-(0)1-439 2424

In the case of candidates from outside the Republic of Ireland (26 counties) who have applied for and been granted exemption in the subject Irish, Matriculation requirements may be satisfied by matriculating in English, Irish and four other subjects accepted for Matriculation Registration purposes, provided faculty requirements are otherwise satisfied. (This provision is relevant to students from Northern Ireland, and to other students from outside Ireland who present Irish as a subject).

Points will be calculated on the basis of:

  • 4 subjects at A Level or
  • 3 subjects at A Level or
  • 3 subjects at A Level plus a different fourth subject at AS Level.

All subjects carry equal points and points for A-Level grades must be obtained at one sitting. The AS Level must be in a different subject to those taken at A-Level and may be carried over from the previous year. Matriculation and course requirements may be satisfied by an accumulation of subjects over more than one year 

An additional 25 points will be awarded for one Grade E or better in A2 Mathematics – this will apply to one Mathematics subject only and only if the subject is used for scoring purposes.

GCE LC Points equivalence from 2010:

GradeA LevelAS Level

GCE LC Points equivalence prior to 2010:

GradeA LevelAS Level
Rev. Prof. Declan Marmion, S.M.

Rev. Prof. Declan Marmion, S.M.

Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Professor of Systematic Theology, Editor, Irish Theological Quarterly.
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